Pre-Order Your Seattle Kraken Flags & More - Save UP TO 15% THROUGH 08/06/2020 RELEASE THE KRAKEN

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Load image into Gallery viewer, Seattle Kraken Can Cooler

Seattle Kraken Can Cooler

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Pre-order your Seattle Kraken hockey team can cooler to cheer on Seattle's newest team. This NHL can cooler features the Kraken legendary sea creature logo imprinted on one side and the secondary trident logo featuring the tip of the Space Needle on the other. Fits a 12 oz can. Officially Licensed.

**Pre-Order for an appx 08/25/2020 ship date**

It's time to Release the Kraken with this new flag featuring a mythical designed S to represent this legendary sea monster of gigantic size. A single tentacle rises from the bottom of the logo up towards the first curve in the S symbolizing the deep, dark waters of Puget Sound. The red eye of the beast looks on as it surveys it's prey and the colors represent the sea. 

The colors of the Seattle Kraken logo are Deep Blue, Ice Blue, Boundless Blue, Shadow Blue, and Red Alert.



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