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Polyester Halyard Line for Flagpoles - by the foot


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This fully braided white halyard line is made from durable and strong polyester threads woven together for the most durable halyard line designed for use on flagpoles. Available in four sizes - 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", & 1/2". Please see our recommended guide below for the ideal size for your application. Made in the USA.

What size halyard line should I use?

- 1/4" halyard line is recommend for flagpoles up to 20' and ideally for those only with 2"OD or less sections. This size can also be used for those with very small pulley wheels or for one-piece flagpoles who have a top diameter of less than 2".

- 5/16" halyard line is recommended for flagpoles 20' up to 40' with a top diameter of 2" or more.

- 3/8" halyard line is recommended for flagpoles 40'+ or those that experience high winds and need a halyard with maximum tensile strength. 

How much halyard line do I need for my flagpole?
- There are a few different factors when determining how much halyard you will need for your flagpole - height, type of flagpole (external halyard vs. internal halyard), & the location of your cleat. 

  • External Halyard Style Flagpoles: Take the exposed height of your flagpole and deduct the height of the cleat from ground level. Multiple this number by 2, then add 8 feet of tie off to your cleat.
Step 1:   Exposed Flagpole Height - Height of Cleat from ground x 2 = X
Step 2:   X + 8 = Total number of feet needed
Step 1:   30' - 5' = 25' x 2 = 50'
Step 2:   50' + 8' = 58' of halyard line needed  
  • Internal Halyard Style Flagpoles*: Take the exposed height of your flagpole and multiply this number by 2. 
Step 1:   Exposed Flagpole Height x 2 = X 
Step 1:   30' x 2 = 60' of halyard line needed
*Internal halyard style flagpoles need additional hardware to include a SS yoke & copper crimps. You can also purchase internal halyard rope replacement kits here.


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