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8"x12" Papal Poly-Silk Stick Flag

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This handheld Papal stick flag is fully printed on our Poly-Silk fabric and is finishd with a sewn hem. It measures 8"x12" and is mounted on a 18"x1/4" black wood staff with a gold spear top ornament.
Made in the USA.

Poly-Silk stick flags are versatile and available for handheld use, display with our wooden miniature flag bases, or are a great fit for planters and table centerpieces.

The Vatican City flag, also known as the Papal flag was adopted on June 7th, 1929 when Pope Piux XI signed the Lateran Treaty with Italy which created a new independent state governed by the Holy See. The Vatican City flag was officially adopted on the same day the treaty was signed.

The Papal flag has two bands – one yellow and one white. The yellow comes from the the original uniforms worn by the Vatican’s Noble Guards which had a yellow and red cockade on their hats. The Papal coat of arms is centered in the white stripe which depicts the papal tiara above crossed gold and silver keys. These are the keys to heaven given by Jesus to St.Peter. The gold key represents spiritual power and the silver key represents worldly power. A red cord connects the two keys alluding to the bond between the two powers.


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