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Load image into Gallery viewer, 3x5 Washington State Outdoor Polyester Flag
Load image into Gallery viewer, 3x5 Washington State Outdoor Polyester Flag

3x5 Washington State Outdoor Polyester Flag

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This 3'x5' Washington State outdoor flag features a digitally printed seal on our heavy-duty commercial quality 2-ply polyester fabric. The double sided seal of George Washington has an opaque material sewn between the opposing state seals and is sewn back to back so that the flag reads correct on both sides. It is finished with a strong polyester header, has a fully sewn hem on the flyend, and includes two brass grommets for easy attachment to your flagpole. This material makes a great choice for high-wind locations.
Made in the USA.

The original design of the Washington state flag was somewhat of a family affair in that the emblem for the state seal was first designed in 1889 by Olympia jeweler Charles Talcott. Talcott, who used an ink bottle and a silver dollar to draw the rings of the seal, and then pasted a postage stamp in the center for the picture of George Washington. His brother L. Grant Talcott lettered the words "The Seal of the State of Washington 1889" and another brother, G. N. Talcott, cut the printing dye. This seal was later adopted for use on the state flag, a flag designed by the Washington chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and officially adopted into law on June 7, 1923, over 30 years after Washington became a state. Although this flag has undergone minor revisions since its adoption, to include the use of standardized colors in 1955 and a modernized seal in 1967, it continues to be the only state in the union to possess a green field (background), as well as the only state to display an image of an actual person. Per WAC 434-04-017, the Washington State flag is one of only two state flags in the nation that requires double sided construction for flags 2'x3' and larger, so the design reads correct on both sides.


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